Have you seen this show? My mom’s obsessed with it. If you haven’t seen it I recommend keeping it that way. More or less it’s a ‘reality’ show (some days I think everything’s scripted, even MY life…) that follows the most vile, evil, spiteful, despicable women who’ve conned, roped or blackmailed some poor sap, I think many were also drugged, into marrying them.

My question is how do they find people to be on this show? Seriously, they’re not putting your best face on television. They WANT people to hate you. The more despicable you are the better. Did they put out ads in those bride and wedding magazines?

“Are you or do you know a vile, despicable, controlling bitch? Have you somehow gotten some poor, possibly brain damaged, idiot to agree to marry you? Would you mind if we filmed you the week leading up to your wedding? Bonus points if you’re over three hundred pounds. Extra special bonus points if you can manage to call your mother a bitch (or worse) five times or more in a single day!”

Some days I want to toss a grenade at the TV…

Hawk (reading a good book)


  1. Frost

    I watched a few episodes back in 2003 while researching a role. I was flabbergasted. One woman, during her wedding portrait, was evilly whispering to her husband, “DON’T YOU DARE F-ING TOUCH ME.” While the photographer was shooting their wedding portrait. I ask, Why are you marrying someone if you don’t want him to touch you? And also: Isn’t a wedding supposed to be about the beautiful union between two people who love each other?


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