I coulda drowneded!

Oh My… you would not believe what I just had to drive through! I’ve been putting off going visitin’ for a while, when my friends were home it was raining or was about to. Nothing on the radar when I left, I checked. I got there and we started watching some football and then. “Did you hear thunde..Hey, look the sky is pitch {THUNDER}{THUNDER}{THUNDER} black!”

In case you didn’t know, the driver side window on my car don’t go up no more.

So I grabbed my coat and hat (figuratively…) and bid my friends a hasty adieu’. I didn’t make it. I didn’t make it a mile. For a minute it looked like I was going to be able to drive around the corner of the storm… HA! At least half the sixteen mile ride home I did in as close to zero visibility as you can get and still be stupid enough to drive. My eyes hurt from staring at the tail lights of the car in front of me.

Flooding, hydro planing, lovely people speeding by in the inside lane or going the other way and kicking up blinding rooster tails. There was three inches of water on the road in front of my house! I literally squoze over a pint of water out of my shirt. I was soaked. I was drenched. I was Beguzzled! Flapdapterpasted! Wet even…

You’ll be happy to know that by the time I got a dry pair of shorts on it had almost completely stopped raining…

The rain gods hate me. Check out the radar loop. The red line of storms leading South West from Melbourne is the exact route I had to drive.

{10:25 pm}

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Hawk (disfavored of the rain gods)


  1. Jes

    I feel your pain. The blazer driver side door doesn’t like to close anymore. So in order to keep it closed I need to wrap bungee cord around the front and back window which I need to leave open when we drive in it or hold it closed nonchalantly with my arm Not a pretty sight and winter is coming.

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    The worst was teh traffic lights. At least when I was moving much of the rain went past the window. At a dead stop it was like standing half-way, fully dressed, in the shower and the hot water heater was broken…

  3. Gregory

    Why do I keep visualizing you doing this in a late ’60’s Olds Toronado? It reminds me of driving home on 95 during one of those thunderboomers, and there’s a cat in the 3rd lane, driving a chocolate brown late seventies Buick. Wipers flailing madly, windows all down and he has a sopping cigarette in his craw with his glasses totally fogged up. I laughed so hard my nuts nearly crossed.

    Those storms down your way are something else. How’s the meth trade coming along?


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