Jay Leno’s New Show…


I watched the premier Monday and was totally unimpressed. His writers suck. They’ve sucked since time began. In past lives they sucked! Badly written jokes driven into the ground (The horse is dead! Stop beating it!) to fill space. The good stuff like Headlines pushed to the ass end of the show so you’re either watching it or hoping you can pop back to the channel in time to catch the one bit worth seeing. I was never a Seinfeld fan so having Jerry on the first show didn’t do anything for me. Bringing out that barely coherent idiot Kanye West to apologize was lame. The musical act for the first show sounded like three different acts doing three different songs, badly, at the same time. The set’s pretty damn ugly too.

I skipped Tuesday’s show, I just didn’t care enough to change the channel.

Wednesday I tuned in (and out) to catch Robin Williams. I kinda feel sorry for Robin. I wonder if he ever just wants to come onto a talk show and talk without going off the wall and riffing the improv over and over. Personally after all these years I’d hate to be dragged on stage with the expectation that I go nuts. They also had two ‘comedians’ from Australia who once again drove bad jokes into the ground (the horse is PASTE! Please, STOP!). They weren’t even slightly funny. He did 10 questions with Miley Cyrus, woopie-doo. Then brought out some junk the prop department threw together at the last minute… That’s all I saw, I was watching some UFC fights which were far more entertaining.

Jay, fire the writers, stop making stuff up there’s enough real and bizarre things to make fun of that your writers won’t ruin. Oh, and put the good stuff, Headlines, Things found at the $1 store at the BEGINNING of the show. Then again, do what you want, I doubt I’ll watch it much if at all.

Hawk (fickle bastard)


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  2. Chilly

    But…But he made Kanye cry! OK, you’re right, the show sucks.

  3. Toots


  4. Doug

    I don’t think he really cares. In his shoes I wouldn’t either. They molded themselves into the National Barack Channel and can’t get out of that rut. All their dramas have political overtones as well as their newscasts and of course the Today Show is a continual platform for the DNC.


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