They’re BaaaAaaAak…

You may (or you may not) remember that I don’t/didn’t like my neighbors. They were gone for six or seven glorious months. Some guy even came to the door saying he was from the bank that foreclosed on the property and kicked them out asking if we’d keep an eye on the place since it was going to be vacant…

Well they’re back! Not all of them. Not yet at least. So far I’ve only seen (and HEARD!) the wiener dogs and the older couple. This morning at 6:48 AM the dogs were fighting under my window and charging insanely all up and down the street barking their fool heads off while my lovely neighbor thought it would be the perfect time to do maintenance on his leaf-blower and weed-wackers. He just spent the better part of a half hour FIVE feet from my bedroom window revving the stupid things over and over and over and ov… UGH! The next time I’m just calling the cops. I want to be a good neighbor (they don’t). I don’t like making waves… at least not this close to home but this shit’s outta hand.

{edit: 9:06 AM}
My neighbor appears to have decided to cut his entire lawn with a weed-wacker, he’s been going round and round the house for over and hour. The dogs are chasing him around and haven’t stopped barking since this all began.

Hawk (seriously annoyed)

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