Monday Reviewed

Beautiful Creatures
by Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl

A boy meets girl, girl has mystical powers, everyone in the backwards little Southern town hates her because she’s different story. The book has a bit of a spooky feel that might be a little much for younger readers though it never gets gory or TOO scary. This wouldn’t be a bad introduction to the supernatural/horror writing genre for younger readers.

While not a bad book it feels a little too… sanitized. The cruelty of cheerleaders and debutantes (and their parents) towards an ‘outsider’ just didn’t seem all that cruel. Most of it’s laughable grammar school name calling and shunning. There’s one fight between jocks, it’s a push, a shove, someone falls… and then it’s over. Nobody acts out, sasses or talks back to their parents or teachers. No one even swears. They just don’t feel like real teenagers.

The writing is decent the characters are well developed and fairly well rounded though towards the end they seem to get a little stupid just to fit into the plot. Not exceptional but worth reading.

Three Stars

Hawk (reading, reading, reading…)

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