Juicy Juice(s)?

So I’m grocery shopping this past Thursday and the ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ tag on the giant barrel of Juicy Juice containers at the front of the store was irresistible. I picked up a bottle of apple and one of cherry after seeing the “All Natural 100% Juice” tag on the label.

I got them home and since cherry juice isn’t something I normally buy that’s the one that went into the fridge first. A few hours later, after letting it chill a bit, I cracked it open for a taste… and it’s odd, the AFTER taste is decidedly cherry but before that, when it’s in your mouth it doesn’t taste all that ‘cherry’. So I looked at the label:

Ingredients: apple juice, pear juice, grape juice and cherry juice (water, juice concentrates), and less than 0.5% of natural flavors…

AND cherry juice! The juice of the label is almost an afterthought in the list of stuff you’re drinking! Five tenths of a percent natural flavors? There’s almost NO cherry in my cherry juice! Is 100% cherry juice gross? Too dangerous for human consumption? I’ve eaten cherries before and they didn’t contain (at least as far as I know) any pear, apple or grapes!

Happily, or oddly, the bottle of apple juice contains… apple juice.

Hawk (nearly cherryless (don’t go there you pervs!))

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