Dear Library Patrons…

To whom it may concern;

Books are not, I repeat, NOT, chew toys. While you may be oblivious and immune to your beloved dog’s (cat, gerbil, ferret, mongoose, turtle, llama, Bolivian musk ox, what have you) dried drool I on the other hand and seriously creeped out when encountering the dried, crusty, silvery remains of your pet’s slobber.

Additionally, when you crush a bug (ok, it could have been a fairy or a very small person, whatever) between the pages could you do people the courtesy of scraping the carcass out of the book before you return it to the library? Thanks.

Hawk (grossed out)


  1. Chilly

    Ewww! Dead bugs and critter spit? Geez. I was going to share my biggest pet peeve (folded over page corners) but it doesn’t even begin to compare to yours… O_O

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    I once opened a DVD at the library after checking it out, don’t even know why. When I did it was FULL of at least a hundred tiny crawling ‘thingys’ (probably sugar ants). They guy working the counter took the case, DVD inside, and blasted it with some kinda insecticide then went to hand it back to me. I declined, emphatically.


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