I hate Sears…

Monday I went down to Sears to buy a PlayStation 2 and a new grill. After getting to the electronics department we found one employee working there and he was having a grand old time chatting with some guy who was pricing EVERY single HDTV they had. I finally interrupted and asked where the PS2 stuff was. He vaguely waved off in some direction and said he’d “be right with you”. The A/C at Sears apparently is as reliable as their employees as it wasn’t working and it was hotter than hell in the forgotten corner of the store. We spent 15 minutes waiting for the salesman’s chat session to end and I finally asked another employee from a neighboring department to page a manager so I could get the hell out of that hotbox. He IGNORED my request, went over to the still chatting electronics sales person then came back and said “He’ll be over in a minute or so.” I was just about to go off on the idiot when the guy who’d looked at literally 20 televisions sets said “I guess I’ll go look online for more TVs”. We finally got out of that area and went over to the lawn & garden section (where, again, there was no A/C). The guy there appeared to be less bright than a 15 watt bulb and wasted another 15 minutes of our time wandering around the stockroom to see if the grill I wanted was in stock instead of doing what he finally did which was checking the inventory on their computer! So after sweating to death for nearly an hour we get the grill, the PS2 and ourselves in the car and head home.

Tuesday dawns and I went out to the car to get the grill and put it together. I immediately saw they’d given us the wrong grill. I called the store, talked with a manager and made SURE the grill I wanted was in stock. She was quite nice (the only bright spot in the last 48 hours) and even offered me a $15 gift card to compensate for having to drive back across two towns to return their mistake. If only I’d known… So, back to Sears I go and I discover that what I’d gotten wasn’t the cheaper grill I thought, it was a more expensive model. Sadly I found this out after we’d taken the grill out of the car or I’d have just kept it…which as you’ll see I did anyhow. They re-ring the right grill up for me. Give me the gift card and I headed over to the pick-up department. Sears likes to waste my time in fifteen minute increments it seems. After waiting, again in a closed space with no A/C. The warehouse guy comes out and tells me they don’t have the grill I wanted. We page the manager, again, and I talk her into taking back the gift card and letting me keep the more expensive grill. A mistake! I drive home, with the same grill I’d left home with an hour and a half before. I get it out of the car, into the house and start trying to put it together…

The space shuttle has less parts and I’m betting better instructions for assembly. Then the ‘fun’ begins. Both shelves are bent. The shelf for the side burner is destroyed. In several places they’ve got threaded holes tapped for screws. Half of these are either clogged with bits of metal or are tapped crooked making screw insertion (yeah, yeah, funny) nearly impossible. Even the firebox, the body the burner goes in, is bent. What should have taken me an hour or two ended up taking me over SIX hours to assemble. During this hellish encounter with a garbage product I ended up with numerous scrapes and bruises and just as I was about finished (what I could, it’s not 100% assembled and never will be) I reached for a part and the lid with it’s three pound stainless steel handle came crashing down into my forehead, nose and face bending my glasses and my nose and bruising my forehead, cheek and chin. It’s twelve hours later and my face is swollen and sore as are my hands which are throbbing like mad. Oh, and the igniter for the grill, it doesn’t work. But it does light and it didn’t try and launch itself into orbit.

I’ll never shop at Sears again (after I use the $8 I have left on the gift card I bought the grill with, *sigh*) or buy another Char-Broil grill product. To say I’m disgusted is an understatement.



  1. Nitocris

    Oh my god that’s horrible. I’m having a similar problem (well, you know) with a lawn mower I bought there. I loathe Sears.

  2. hawk (Post author)

    Be careful, while the grill can bite the lawn mower can take off an arm if you piss it off 🙂

  3. dvus

    Say what you want about Sears, the tool guarantee is pretty good. Not as good as it used to be, but pretty damn good. And, if you complain persistantly enough, like as not you’ll get satisfaction of some sort. I once saw a guy buy a 10 X 10 sheet metal shed at a local Sears in the fall, assemble it to hold his garden stuff through the winter and then disassemble it in the spring and take it back claiming he didn’t like it. He wouldn’t take “no” for an answer and finally they gave in and gave him his money back. I swear. I personally wouldn’t have the grapes to even *try* that, but it just shows to go ya.

  4. hawk (Post author)

    No way would I bad mouth Craftsman tools. Their guarantee is beyond awesome and unlike the traveling sales points like Snap-On there’s a Sears just about everywhere you go. But selling a good line of tools isn’t enough to make me want to go back (other than, as already mentioned, burning off the last $8 on this gift card). Their sales people truly disappointed me though the manager was quite willing to help out. After five, no more than ten, minutes the electronics salesperson should have called for assistance. No customer should be left standing in an aisle for fifteen minutes. Our local store’s not a busy one. I’ve driven by it a few times a month over the last ten years and I’m amazed they’re still open. There’s never many cars in the lot and when we were there I didn’t see a dozen customers in the entire store.

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