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You know, about all the book reviews and stuff I keep posting…

A few months ago, as I may have already mentioned, I got invited to the Amazon ‘Vine‘ program. We’re an elitist snob force of p… well, some of them are but not all. We’re people who for no real apparent reason were selected to pick up to four items (mostly books, mostly juvenile fiction at that) a month; two from a ‘target’ newsletter (someone’s aim is WAY off in most cases) and two from the ‘leftovers’ list which is everything from all lists sent out the previous week (and sadly previous months!) that weren’t sold out. From reading the chatter on the Vine members only (Elite!!) forum some people don’t get ANY books on their ‘targeted’ list. Some have even gotten decent digital cameras, food stuffs, portable hard drives, notebooks (the kind filled with paper, not electronics) just about every kind of thing Amazon sells.
Amazon encourages us to share our reviews in any place not competing with them for sales (i.e. I can’t republish a review I wrote for a Vine product over at Walmart’s site) but places like our own blogs are fine. Hence you, oh few and far between, faithful readers, get to read my reviews here. Aren’t you excited?

Hawk (excited)

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