Monday is Review Day

I think I’ll try posting my reviews every Monday from now on…

Today we’re discussing –

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats
by Bradley Trevor Greive & Rachael Hale

While the author claims he’s just pro dog and not anti cat some of the writing about cats might seem a little harsh to cat fanciers. But it does, in the end, come across mostly tongue in cheek and humorous as well as covering some of the frightening statistics about shelter and feral animals. You can tell that Bradley Trevor Greive is truly an animal lover and he really, really likes dogs.

The photography is exceptional, absolutely fantastic. Though mostly posed for the shot almost all the images feel completely natural and candid. Many, though I don’t recommend dismantling the book, are suitable for framing. Rachael Hale is a master of her craft.

The book itself has, under the dust jacket, a rather handsome patterned and embossed cover. Even the title on the spine is embossed. The end leaves are also unique. It’s printed on very heavy glossy stock (the book weighs a ton!) the photographs are all crisp and clear and the text, though there isn’t a lot of it, is easy to read.

My one complaint would be the myriad footnotes are all collected in the back of the book so you’re frequently having to flip to the end to see what’s what.

Four Stars

Hawk (likes cats better, so there!)

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