They do it JUST to mess with me…

The other night I took a sleeping pill as I hadn’t been sleeping well for a while. On a side note; if you haven’t tried the ingredient Doxylamine succinate (in Unisom tablets and available as a very inexpensive generic from Wal-Mart) it’s FAR superior to the more common diphenhydramine hydrochloride found in things like Tylenol P.M. Read more about it here.

As I was saying, I took a sleeping pill then, twenty minutes later I realized Serenity was on TV. Okay, I’ve got the DVD but still, it’s Serenity! I had to put it on. Not long after the movie started I zonked out completely {aww}. I woke up, the gods only know how much later, hot sweaty and in the dark. Still zoned out completely on the sleeping pill I hit the power button on the TV remote several times before I realized everything, the stereo, lights, TV, etc. was off. I dragged my ass out of bed and spent five minutes finding the flashlight I’d ‘conveniently’ left right next to my night stand {ugh}. Stumbling into the living room I dug out the number for Florida Power & Light. The first number on the Rolodex card went to some guy’s answering machine, I don’t recall the business name but, SORRY! I tried the 2nd number written on the card, got it wrong and woke some nice but very annoyed lady up at 3:30 AM (REALLY SORRY!). I finally deciphered my mother’s handwriting and got the automated service, you’re not allowed to talk to real people, it’s against the rules. I booped and beeped through the menu options, waited FOREVER for it to repeat my phone number and address back to me and eventually ended up hearing:

“A service technician is on the scene and determining the cause of the outage. The time to repair this problem will be longer than previously expected and you should expect your power to be restored by 4:55 AM.”

I hung up, sighed and decided I’d just fall asleep sitting there on the couch, it was cooler in the living room than in my bedroom at least. I’d JUST closed my eyes… and the power came back on. It’s like they knew. It’s like they WAITED for me to call with my honey glazed brain and fumble through their system THEN they threw the switch and turned the power back on!


Hawk (only slightly paranoid)

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