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Ace of Cakes: Inside the World of Charm City Cakes
By: Duff Goldman & Willie Goldman

To the Point:
A must have for fans of the show ‘Ace of Cakes’.

The Good:
Well written and entertaining the book covers more details than (just about) anyone could ever ask for. Everyone, even the Porter and the TV crew, gets his or her own fifteen minutes of fame. We find out where everyone came from and how they got their start at Charm City Cakes. The book is crammed full of behind the scenes pictures as well as old family photos of the cast growing up and shots of cakes that never made it onto the show.

The Not So Good:
The font the majority of the printing is done in is rather small. On the darker pages I sometimes found it hard, though not impossible, to read. An abundance of collages. I’d rather have had fewer but larger pictures to look at. Several subjects, most notably viewer complaints of the cast not washing their hands and gossip that the cakes may look great but can’t/don’t taste good are touched on repeatedly.

If you like the show chances are you’ll enjoy the book.

Four Stars

Hawk (Duff rawks!)

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