Monday, time for a book review.

The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To
By: DC Pierson

Teenage Darren is dealing with many of the things typical teenagers do; Divorced and inattentive parents. A sibling who is a jerk, a drunk and possibly a drug dealer. Popularity or the lack thereof at school. Darren is also an artist and is planning out his own blockbuster movie and book series.
Enter Eric, a kindred nerd spirit who jumps wholeheartedly into Darren’s project helping flesh out and expand their stories. Eric also has a secret, one he’s terrified ‘they’ will find out about. Those he’s told in the past have dismissed it or thought him crazy. Eric can’t sleep and never has.
After fighting over a girl as only teenagers can Darren in anger blabs Eric’s secret to his brother who of course can’t keep it to himself. Things take a dark and sinister turn shortly thereafter.
Decent writing and an interesting plot line kept me reading late into the night. This one’s worth checking out.
I normally don’t read the professional or other Amazon review until after I’ve written my own reviews. I must agree with the other reviewers who’ve commented on the ‘professional’ reviews. I didn’t find this ‘hilarious’, ‘funny as hell’ and I saw no ‘great jokes’. It WAS a good story but I didn’t feel it was in any way a comedy.

Four Stars

Hawk (likes to sleep and wishes he could)

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