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Rowing the Atlantic: Lessons Learned on the Open Ocean
By: Roz Savage

First I have to say I respect the courage and dedication it took to complete the task of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. That being said I just wasn’t impressed by the story. I recommend not looking at the end papers they give away the gist of the story. The writing was good but flat, the thrill, the sense of excitement and danger that should exist in such a tale just aren’t conveyed well or at all. All in all the story is rather bland and a bit boring.
I also honestly have to say I didn’t like the Roz Savage I met in this book. At an early age during a trip to California she became convinced that materialism was the solution to everything, she also became hooked on self-help and quick fix nonsense books. She carried on a year long affair while married and when the affair is exposed and her husband doesn’t toss her out she’s relieved. She then turns around and makes plans to run away and start a new life with her boyfriend. Those plans she almost immediately given up on as well. While preparing for the journey she take up with an employee of the boatyard outfitting her craft who’s half her age. At her first job she makes a simple mistake, wasting all of an hour, and she “never recovered [her] confidence”. I was also confused that all her inner voices, ‘self-doubt’, ‘self-critical’, ‘competitive’ and ‘guilt’ are all referred to as being male. She’s having a mid life crisis and looking for anything to fill some void she has inside her. I just wasn’t impressed with her as a person and that, more than anything, detracted from the story.

Three Stars

Hawk (was hoping for a better story)

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