Thoroughly unpleasant…

Just got back from the dentist. Had Eight (8) teeth pulled, my jawbone scraped and shaped and a full upper dental plate stuffed in my mouth. I’m still bleeding like mad. I’m in serious pain. Because of the swelling the plate won’t fit right for several days yet so every time I open my mouth it tried to fall out. Off to a good start for this year… ugh.

Heh, just be glad I didn’t take any pictures 🙂

Hawk (near toofless…)


  1. Jes

    When I don’t have my plate in I talk like a redneck. Hey you whipper shnapper come here sho I can bet you with my cane.

  2. Frost

    Oh my goodness. I see that I missed this when you posted it last week. How are you feeling? Has the swelling gone down? Did you get to eat lots of jello and ice cream?


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