Review Time!

Something a little different this Monday. Occasionally Amazon’s Vine program offers it’s members items other than books. Today’s review is on the:
Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter (14-RC)

Not only am I left handed I also suffer from arthritis and other hand related problems. The Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter (14-RC) is the perfect tool for anyone but an amazing find for lefties and people who find using scissors painful or awkward.
I received mine in time to wrap my Christmas presents and it cut (no pun intended) the time it normally used to take in half. The Cutter easily cuts just about any kind of wrapping paper. I’ve used it on poly/mylar and plain wrapping paper. It even easily cut bargain basement wrapping paper which always used to jam in the scissors or tear. I also used the Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter to cut heavy (30+ LB) card stock and glossy magazine paper.
The ribbon curler is a bonus and far easier to use than the sharp and dangerous edge of a pair of scissors.
I have a similarly designed letter opener that I’ve used for nearly a decade, while the blade is not replaceable the Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter should last for years.

Four Stars

Hawk (used it, loved it)


  1. Chilly

    Hubby-san spent the whole Xmas marketing season dissing this device as a uni-tasker, all while I extolled what I thought would be the many multi-tasking, ease-of-use benefits. Thanks for proving him wrong. 🙂


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