Review Time!

I Slept with Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir
By: Mickey Leigh & Legs McNeil

When I first finished this book I put it down and thought to myself ‘That Joey Ramone was a real nasty guy to his friends and family.’ Then I began to think about things and realize he wasn’t around to refute the claims of shoddy treatment by his brother Mickey. To some people he was a saint to others he wasn’t. In all honesty the truth is probably somewhere in the middle and will never come to light.

I enjoyed the beginning of the book, the family’s early years and the photographs that went with them far more than the ‘Woe is Mickey’ travails that seem to fill the latter sections.

I enjoyed the Ramones as a band but was never a fanatic about them. To me the book was a bit boring and a hard read. Perhaps to hard-core fans of the band this would appeal more.

Three Stars

Hawk (Could have been better, could have been worse…)

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