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Bite Me: A Love Story
By: Christopher Moore

I had a hard time writing this review. I also had a hard time reading ‘Bite Me: A Love Story’ it felt more like a chore than a pleasure. This is the third book in Christopher Moore’s vampire saga and the seconds best of the bunch. ‘Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story’, the first book, blew me away. It was dark, funny, laugh out loud writing with romantic twist. Then came ‘You Suck: A Love Story’… Maybe it was the twelve years in between sequels but You Suck which I’d happily anticipated wasn’t all that. It introduced the character Abby Normal. A character so obnoxious she alone quadrupled the time it took to read the second book just by being in the story and being so annoying.

Not only is Abby back in ‘Bite Me: A Love Story’ the books is FULL of Abby and she’s like, annoying… horribly annoying. Pages and pages of ‘net speak and Valley Girl style slang mixed with fake hip-hop/ghetto talk. It’s all like, horrible. Abby, it appears, is blogging her adventures. If I never see the word ‘Kayso in print again I’ll be a happy reader.

‘Kayso, the story here IS better than the story in You Suck. The characters (except for Abby) seem more rounded and fleshed out. The story moves well and the conclusion (you can almost see the question mark creepily fade in after ‘The End’ at the end of the book) was, for me, completely unexpected.

‘Kayso, sadly Abby and Abby alone drops this from a four (plus) star book to a three star rating (really three and a half.).

And I’m all, “Seriously, Chris, what were you thinking?”

Three (and a bit) Stars

Hawk (‘Kayso, bye!)


  1. Frost

    I am completely in love with Christopher Moore. Michael lent me Blood Sucking Fiends when we first started dating, and so I always think of him when I think of Moore. Once I was bitten (ha) Michael lent me Coyote Blue, The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove, Island of the Sequined Love Nun, Practical Demon Keeping, A Dirty Job, and Fluke. I adored each one. But I’ve never read You Suck or Bite Me and try as I might, I couldn’t get through Lamb. Just couldn’t do it. HATED IT.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m not surprised you didn’t like Bite Me. It makes sense that if one writes as much and as frequently as Christopher Moore writes, some of that writing is bound to be lame. Thanks for saving me the time of reading a book only to be bummed out. Because it is a total bummer to read something by one of your favorite authors and hate it.

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    I can’t say I hated it. I had high hopes, been waiting for this to come out for ages and I will admit I was disappointed but the ending sort of made up for it, but not all the way. I wish it could have been as good or even half as good, as the first book.


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