The Spider in the Barometer.

The other day as I walked past the antique style liquid-barometer that I’d bought for my mom several years ago I saw something in the tube the water rises and falls in. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a spider who appeared to have crawled in, turned around to face out and then died. It sat there for several days. With storms forecast I thought I’d better get a picture before the water rose high enough to pop his poor little carcass out. So I did:

Click the above thumbnails for larger view.

Oddly, last night a cold front passed through and the air pressure rose pushing the water back down into the body of the barometer. I walked over to check on my little dead buddy and he was gone! He’s didn’t get pulled down into the water, I checked. He didn’t get popped out by the previous night’s low pressure. He wasn’t in the overflow catch plate under the barometer nor was he on the floor. He was in there, motionless, for at least a week and now it appears he’s crawled off to better hunting grounds… I fear this spider!

Hawk (dead spiders do NOT come back to life!)


  1. Toots

    Relax, Hawk! She was deciding whether to lay eggs. She decided in the negative. (You’ve got to dust that tube – she isn’t into dust bunnies)

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    Great, now all I can think of is hordes of spiders laying eggs willy-nilly throughout the house. Thanks! 🙂


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