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Slightly Better Than Mediocre…

I would put these tools at a bit above dollar/closeout lot stores tools in quality but not by much. For around the home infrequent and/or casual use I believe they would be fine. You could probably put together a similar set of better quality for around the same price at a local hardware store.

The finish is on the metal is cheap. It’s sprayed/painted on not anodized and scratches off very easily. In particular there are spots on the 6″ slip-joint pliers and 8″ adjustable wrench where the finish was quite thin or missing entirely.
The grips are comfortable and secure when dry. When wet I found these to be extremely slippery and almost impossible to keep a hold of during any type of usage. Exercise caution if using where the handles/grips could become wet! I don’t quite get the camouflage coloring. Personally I’d want them brightly colored so they’d be easier to find.

Individually –
Hammer: The face is smooth and will slip off when driving nails into hard surfaces (concrete, hardwood, etc.) but that could be roughed up with a file. The grip is comfortable and provides decent comfort when hammering. The shaft is fiberglass and seems sturdy. The head appears to be well glued on.
Six Inch Slip-Joint Pliers: A little loose but usable. Easy to adjust between size ranges and at it’s wider adjustment the handle ends do not meet. Something rarely seen on lower end tools.
Eight Inch Adjustable Wrench: While the adjustor operates quite smoothly there is a LOT of play in this tool. I’d estimate nearly a ΒΌ of an inch of play is evident.
Screwdrivers: Both Phillips head and standard screwdrivers are included in this set. The handles are well secured to the shafts. They’re magnetic but just barely. Neither would hold a one inch screw horizontally.

The warranty, while ‘lifetime’ is ONLY against defects in manufacture, material or workmanship. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear like those warranties on higher end tools.

In Conclusion: These would make a decent gift for someone moving into their first apartment, home or going off to college. The quality is acceptable but really only for light duty work.

Three Stars.

Hawk (If I Had a Hammer… Wait, I do!)
Extra kudos if you get teh song reference…

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