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Dante’s Inferno (Anime DVD)

First and foremost, this DVD in no way resembles the epic poem written by Dante Alighieri. They’ve borrowed a few names and descriptions of the Circles of Hell and that’s about it.

The story is told by several different animators in varying degrees of skill, the Fraud (second to last) segment being notably and particularly bad. Dante, no poet here but a super ninja Crusader Knight easily slaughters his way with little to no effort through the various Circles of Hell and it’s demons wielding the typical oversized unbelievable anime weapon, a giant scythe this time in an attempt to rescue his beloved Beatrice who is being held captive and about to be wed to Satan. Interspersed in the visions of Hell we’re treated (though it’s really no treat) to flashbacks of the acts of depravity and slaughter that Dante did during the Crusades. Instead of seeing him as a hero he’s really rather despicable. The dialog is overblown and pretentious trying very hard to be serious and deep which just doesn’t mesh right with the rather silly nature of the movie.

Had they not used Dante Alighieri and his Inferno and simply made this a trip into hell alluding to the epic poem I’d have given it three stars but for the blatant misuse of Dante’s name and work I have to give it two.

Two Stars

Hawk (some things you just cannot un-see… *sigh*)

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