Damn Cable Company…

This is getting ridiculous… Bright House Networks just raised our monthly rates, again, and then days later they announce we basic cable subscribers are losing MORE channels, again. That’s five or six channels in the last twelve months that have been taken away ‘to make room for more digital channels’ or so they claim when you complain. Their only solution? Spend MORE money and to get those channels back! We live on a fixed income and the price we’re paying monthly now is ludicrous and they want us to spend more to get back what we’ve had for years? Why aren’t they taking the foreign language channels instead? People expecting specialized programming in a specific language should expect to pay more for those channels, right? Why not move the shopping channels to the digital side? People with money to spare to shop via their television sets could be expected to pay more for the privilege, right? I don’t want to switch to a satellite company. I don’t like their contracts and non disclosed costs nor do I like watching the signal die during our typical FL summer weather. If there were any other option around I’d drop Bright House in a second. They don’t seem to care about the little guy.

Hawk (poo!)


  1. Frost

    Oh man. That is infuriating. I feel like most companies these days do whatever they can to f**k you, and there’s not much we can do about it because there aren’t other options. I hate capitalism. And I love it. It’s confusing.

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    I love it too, as long as I’m not the one being taken from behind without lube…

    I think one of the most annoying things is their incessant commercials praising their own services and products while screwing the little guy over. I’ve noticed though that they’ve gone from “Over 70 channels on basic cable” to “Around 70 channels” to “Nearly 70 channels…” By summer I’ll have five channels and be paying $450 a month.


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