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Lowepro SlingShot 202 AW

The fit and finish of this bag are top notch. I’ve been camping and backpacking for decades and I have to say the quality of this bag and the workmanship are among the best I’ve seen. The nylon material is heavy duty and durable. The bag and shoulder strap are well padded for comfort and protection of your gear. The pack includes a built in micro-fiber cloth and two memory card slots in the main compartment. There’s even a tuck-away all-weather cover in the bottom of the bag for inclement weather situations. The dividers in the main compartment are infinitely adjustable and all can be removed/repositioned. The pack includes a pull-out tripod holder/foot pocket and strapping system on the side of the bag. There’s also a separate compartment at the top of the pack for personal items large enough for wallet, keys, an emergency poncho, etc. Also included are two smaller pockets on the back of the pack suitable for lens pens, notepad, pens, what have you.

This bag is huge. Easily as big as most hiking day-packs. There’s room for everything and the kitchen sink. Currently I have my old Canon AE-1 with 80-200 mm lens attached. My 55 mm auxiliary lens. A half dozen assorted filters. Cable release. 1:1 reverse adapter AND my Kodak Z-650 point and shoot all in the main compartment.

Ease of use is incredible. The shoulder strap and waist belt are widely adjustable for people of almost all sizes. The zippers work flawlessly and fast never catching or hanging. The velcro throughout the pack is quite heavy duty and looks like it will hold up to years of abuse. All you need do is slide the pack from your back to the front of your body and the camera access section is right there. You never have to take the bag off to get at your rig.

Those are the pros.

Here are just a couple cons:
The micro-fiber cloth is not removable. I’m not sure what you could do if it became soiled or stained and needed cleaning. The strap for the tripod is not fixed to the pack and could easily be lost. The all-weather cover fits very tight to the bag (in and of itself this is a good thing, but…) it won’t fit over any but the smallest mono-pod or tripod. My 54″ Ambico tripod just barely fits on the pack.

I have no doubt this bag would last years for anyone from amateur to most demanding professional.

Five Stars!

Bonus pictures!

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Hawk (anyone want to buy me a DSLR to go with this bag?)

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