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Procession of the Dead (The City)
By: D. B. Shan

An eclectic mix of Mayan mythos and Godfather style gangsterism Darren
Shan has created an interesting story of anti-heros that will keep you
reading until the very end.

Shan an already prolific children/young adult author makes his adult
novel debut with ‘Procession of the Dead (The City)’ in which young
Capac Raimi arrives from points unknown and untold to live with his
uncle, a somewhat failed career criminal, and learn how to be a

Soon after his uncle’s untimely death Capac becomes the protege of The
Cardinal, the crime lord who virtually owns and controls The City (which
has, apparently, no name).

While being groomed for bigger and better things Capac begins to realize
he has no knowledge of his life before arriving in The City. He can
remember debarking from the train when he arrived but little else before
that but strange flashes and dreamlike snippets.

Even odder people around him are disappearing, completely. Once their
gone no one else except Capac remembers any detail of their existence!

An interesting story in which the protagonist isn’t a hero or even
a very nice person. I enjoyed the plot twist making you involved with and care
about a criminal and killer. Bring on the next chapter of the story, I
for one cannot wait.

Four Stars

Hawk (waiting for the next chapter…)


  1. Toots

    Try an author named Michael Gruber. ‘Tropic Night’ is one of his. I’ve read two and find them fascinating.

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    Cool, thanks, I’ll add him to my list at the library!


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