Root for the Bull!

A famous matador, Jose Tomas, was gored, severely, by a bull on Saturday the 24th of April. He was so severely injured that doctors at the arena operated on him without anesthesia! I cheered. This despicable practice of destroying animals for sport and the pleasure of bloodthirsty imbecile spectators is an archaic idiocy, a holdover from stupider times and it needs to end. I don’t care about your traditions, Spain, Mexico, wherever, it’s horrific.

Go, Bulls, Go!

Bullfighting in a nutshell: First they tease the bull, testing his ferocity. Then a picador (“lancer”) enters the arena on horseback armed with a lance and repeatedly stabs the animal weakening it and forcing it to keep it’s head lowered, this makes it safer for the matador to torture it. Then three ‘flagmen’ attempt to drive multiple sharp, barbed sticks (those fluffy bright things you see bouncing around on the bull’s back in the video) into the bull’s back to further weaken and enrage the animal. Finally the matador reenters the arena with the traditional red cape everyone recognizes and a sword (which, oddly, many people don’t know about) after further torture and humiliation the spectacle of horror is brought to an end when the matador stabs the bull to death with his sword. What a HERO!

Hawk (rootin’ for the bull!)

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