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Firefly Rain
By: Richard Dansky

I finished reading it. I didn’t toss it across the room and give up… but that’s about the best I can really say about this story, it was readable. It starts off interesting but quickly gets disjointed and confusing. The main character is constantly switching from being neurotic and weak to belligerent and psychotic and it just doesn’t fit right with the story, little does.
It’s very much evident that Richard Dansky is a video game writer, had that not have been mentioned I’d still be compelled to compare this to the older point and click suspense games of the early 90’s. Character A gets cryptic clue from Character B which leads him to Character C who tells him to go talk to Character D. The whole story is very linear and feels like it’s on rails. There’s almost no extraneous information imparted. Even the town that’s part of the focus of the story is populated only by people essential to the story.
From the just past the midpoint on the book goes downhill. The plot gets goofy and makes little sense. The final terrifying horror story scene is anything but. The resolution, explanations and reasons for the goings on just don’t make ANY sense. They’re just not at all believable. It feels rushed and slapped together as if the author got bored and decided to just get it over with.
I have, in the past, been quite willing to suspend disbelief and believe in an ancient space spider masquerading as a clown living in the sewers of a Maine town who communicates via balloons. I couldn’t for the life of me get behind the plot of this story.
With some practice and some polish Mr. Dansky might turn out to be a fine author, the potential is there. This book however just didn’t do it for me.

Three Stars

Hawk (not afraid of lightning bugs…)

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