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Killing Willis
By: Todd Bridges

I found this book to be nearly unbelievable. One of the worst books I’ve ever forced myself to finish reading. The dialog and actions of the people involved from beginning to end sound more like cullings from bad movie-of-the-week scripts than anything that ever actually happened.

The writing is stilted and forced. The editing also leaves much to be desired. As an example; During his last stint in rehab Todd claims to have been restrained, in a diaper, for three days due to his actions and behavior. On the very next page we’re told he was in restraints for four days.

Yes, we know that Todd has had multiple arrests and run-ins with law enforcement but much of the undocumented occurrences feel totally made up. Do I believe he experienced racism and even some jealousy at the hands of the police? Yes. Do I believe the LAPD was passing around ‘Get that Todd Bridges guy no matter what!’ memos, frequently hovering their helicopters over his house to annoy him or “lost” him for months in solitary confinement (immediately after he mentions he was marked as a high profile detainee and supposed to receive special treatment). Sorry, it just doesn’t ring true to me.

I didn’t get any feeling of regret or remorse from this book. Much of it just felt like bragging about the people that liked/loved him and name dropping. Todd mentions that he’s upset that other stars who have had serious public run-ins with alcohol and drug abuse had an easier time of returning to the spotlight and public eye. He blames this on racism failing to conceptualize that while ‘those other’ stars had drug problems he was a drug dealer running crack houses and exploiting women he deliberately got hooked on drugs so he could control them. There’s a difference and I don’t think it had anything to do with race.

I’m glad he appears to have turned his life around but I just can’t recommend this book.

Two Stars

Hawk (that’s what I’M talking ’bout…)

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