Review Time!

Neil Young’s Greendale
By: Josh Dysart, Cliff Chiang

Reviewing a graphic novel from an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) especially one that’s labeled as ‘abbreviated’ is a bit tough.

The story itself is filtered down from a 2003 concept album and subsequent 2004 film by Neil Young. While the general environmental movement and ecological preservation message is a good idea the actual material used, while poignant, is closing on a being nearly a decade old. The message is there, it’s just a bit dated. I have no idea what level of involvement, if any, Neil Young had with this branch of the project.

The artwork is quite decent and the writing isn’t bad but the story wobbles in places, lacking in consistency. For instance the boy Sun Green agrees to run off to Alaska with disappears into the woods after a night of intimacy and Sun waits, apparently with little concern for her missing friend, quite a while before reporting the incident. She also meets a mysterious stranger who appears to know her and who can walk through walls and this has little impact on Sun.

I enjoyed what I read and wouldn’t mind seeing where the story goes from here. If you’re into the environment with a twist of the supernatural this may be the graphic novel for you.

Three Stars

Hawk (will go green when green costs the same as the rest…)

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