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Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal

The Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal is a well made diary sized (5″x8ΒΌ”) notebook printed on medium/light weight acid free paper with 240 total pages. It contains sections for most typical areas of cooking; Appetizers, First Course, Main Dishes, Deserts, etc. plus several unlabeled sections for the owner to personalize. In addition there are weight, measure and temperature conversion charts, produce and fruit harvest/ripeness charts, food information charts and sections for notes, event or party planning. The cover is cleverly embossed with kitchen utensils and includes an elastic strap to keep the journal securely closed. Also included are three handy attached bookmarks and an expandable pocket in the back which contains the two sheets of stickers (for personalization) that come with the journal.

The pages for recording your recipes have limited space for writing, you’ll need write carefully and small to fit most recipes on a page. The pages are not removable and pages cannot be added or moved around. The print in the book (charts, tables, etc.) is nearly microscopic. I found it very hard to read anything in the journal. As well the current and recent prices listed on Amazon (as high as $58!) make this a very expensive and hard to justify choice.

Three Stars

Hawk (could do the same with a $1.50 notebook)

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