To ‘Toots’.

Not really a review Monday…

I wanted to thank you for recommending Michael Gruber’s ‘Tropic of Night’. I’ve given it three full days and I’ve only been able to manage around a hundred pages. I have to admit defeat, it’s just not my cup of tea. Jane Doe doesn’t come across as a victim in hiding. She’s a freaking superhero. Martial arts expert. Mechanical genius. Language expert. Voodoo priestess with ‘real’ magical powers. The ability to raise other people’s children.

The narrative switch back and forth from first person to objective view was confusing and IMO should never be done. It takes a strong, talented writer to write from the view of the opposite gender. Gruber doesn’t have this talent. It comes across more as “Boy, if *I* had a vagina I’d show the world what it meant to be a woman!” I just wanted to punch him after the first page and the urge never went away.

Sorry we couldn’t agree but thanks again for trying!

Hawk (on to other books…)


  1. Toots

    What about the other title? Did you try anything else he wrote? (Sorry you didn’t care for it – I couldn’t put it down. No accounting for tastes!) ;}

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    Hey if everyone liked the same things the world would be an insanely boring place. I don’t know if I’m willing to try this author again. I really wanted to get Chuck Liddel to punch him in the crotch…

  3. Toots

    Well but wait…. have you read “The Girl Who…” trilogy? Talk about Super Hero!

  4. Hawk (Post author)

    I’ve heard/read so many reviews of ‘the girl who…’ series that range both sides of the fence that I’ve been scared to try them 🙂


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