Bright House Part Deux.

Hello Bright House, I’m writing to/about you, again, I wish I were surprised at that but sadly, I’m not. Thanks for letting us know about the bundle price for digital TV and internet.
The technician you sent out Monday July 5th cost your company time and money and lowered our opinion of your employees. He arrived on time, I’ll give him that. We were scheduled to have two digital cable converter boxes installed and setup. On the box going in the back bedroom your technician was shown the S-Video and audio cables I wanted used in that boxes connection. He ignored my instructions and connected it the way he wanted, stuffing/hiding my cables off in the back of the TV stand where they would not be seen. He then failed to (or failed at) program your remote to control the television set in that room. He never mentioned this and even implied he had programmed it properly. It took me fifteen minutes to rewire the connections properly myself.
He set up the box in the livingroom attempting to balance the converter box on the three inch wide top of the television cabinet. He was surprised when we pointed out the cart with the DVD player right next to the television as the place we wanted the box placed instead of precariously balanced on top of the set. Once installed he got my 78 year old mother to sign his paperwork. Going so far as to literally say “This is blah, blah, stuff about start over, on demand and the channel guide, it’s not important…” He actually said “blah, blah”. He then failed to verify if the system was working properly and failed to explain how anything worked suggesting we “Play around with it, you’ll figure it out.” HAD he attempted to do his job and familiarize us with the equipment he’d just installed he would have discovered that the box in the livingroom was defective. No on-demand programming (even answers on-demand) would work and the majority of the above channel 100 digital channels were responding as being ‘unavailable’. This required half an hour of my time on the phone with your support people and the scheduling of another visit for the next day to fix the first technician’s mistakes.
The technician you sent out on Tuesday July 6th was a delight. He arrived within the three hour time frame scheduled. In a matter of minutes he diagnosed the box as being defective. He replaced a 20-year old cable your first technician had reused. Once he had everything up and running properly he willingly spent as much time as necessary making sure we understood and were comfortable with the operation and features of the remote control and digital service. He deserves a raise or at least praise for doing his job properly. This is the level of service we should have received on Monday. You should dock the first technician’s pay the cost of the second technician’s service call.

Hawk (cooking with 250+ channels now! WOO!)

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