Gotta LOVE the library…

On June 22 I place a hold on Charlaine Harris’ latest Sookie Stackhouse (yeah, I’m addicted, so what?) novel ‘Dead in the Family’. I was ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEENTH in line for the book. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN other people were also waiting for a chance at only sixteen copies for the entire county (it looks like there were seventeen but one appears to have been stolen). It’s been FORTY SIX days since I placed my hold. I’m now {drum roll please} FORTY FIFTH in line. I may actually get to read this by Halloween!

Update (even before posting I update!): I just realized they have a large print version of the novel and get this! There are six copies and my just placed hold is only the fifth in line! WOO!

Hawk (wants instant gratification!)

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