I HATE waiting!

Imagine if you were to order something online (something IN stock, mind you) from Amazon, Walmart, Zappos, etc. and they charged your payment method the moment you placed the order and THEN told you it would be 2 to 6 or 5 to 8 WEEKS before they got around to shipping your order. A company doing business that way would go under in months.
But that’s how some (most, really) of the survey and ‘shopping for points’ sites like MyPoints and i-Say and premiums sites like MyCokeRewards and Marlboro operate. You’re not using ‘real’ money so like the Company Store of the mining towns of yesteryear you’re at their mercy and I’m sick of it. It’s been two weeks since I ordered an Amazon gift-code from MyPoints, not only haven’t they sent it yet the idiots now require it to be SNAIL mailed to your house. An online only code that HAS to go through the USPS? Brilliant! It’s been ten days since I ordered some coupons from Coke, they’re still ‘processing’. How long does it really take for an automated envelope stuffer to stuff a coupon in an envelope?!

Hawk (not good with patience…)

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