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Koko Be Good
By: Jen Wang

First and foremost let me say that the artwork in this graphic novel is delightful. Subtle tones done in a watercolor style and a marked lack of clutter makes the art very easy on the eyes. Too often artists try and cram as much detail into a piece as possible. Here, in ‘Koko Be Good’ each panel plays like a painting.

The story is another thing. I did thoroughly enjoy the book, but found the beginning to be a tad confusing. There’s not real ‘start’ to the story. We more or less swoop in from above to observe a time and slice of life involving several people. Jon who’s confused about his choice to move off to Peru with a girlfriend it feels he hardly knows. Koko a wild street kid fighting off the verge of adulthood and responsibility and Faron a young boy, friends with Koko, being brought up in a broken and abusive home. We really don’t get much deeper into their lives than that even with over 300 pages to work with.

The ending of the book felt forced, rushed and left me feeling like I missed something. I wasn’t expecting a typical ‘boy loses girl, boy finds new girl’ ending but they way it played out was odd and something of a let down.

All in all it’s an amusing, extremely well drawn and colored, story that could have done with a bit more depth but still stands out as something well worth reading.

Four Stars.

Hawk (think’s Koko’s pretty hot too!)

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