Juiceman Express JR

Juiceman Express JR – Juice Extractor and Food Processor

The Juiceman Express Junior Juice Extractor and Food Processor is a Jack of two trades but a master of neither. At just 450 watts of power it has 250 watts less power than this same company’s entry and mid level stand alone juicers and less than half the power of top of the line extractors.

The Juiceman Express Junior does an adequate job of extracting juice from most fruits. We’ve made and mixed apple, pear, watermelon and grape (both red and green) juices. Oranges didn’t fare so well and the output was less than satisfactory.

As a food processor this is, again, adequate at the job but no great standout. It is good for making pesto, grinding toppings for frying and baking. We’ve also made slightly lumpy peanut butter (it just would not grind smooth) and less than stellar mayonnaise. The bowel has decent capacity for most small jobs.

Juicing does however make an amazing amount of mess but cleanup wasn’t too bad. All removable parts are dishwasher safe and clean up by hand fairly well. The only part I found hard to clean was the juicing basket. After running around a dozen apples through the juicer it took quite a while to get the extractor basket clean and required much poking and scrubbing with a stiff brush to accomplish.

In conclusion, as an occasional use appliance and for people with limited storage space this is an acceptable product. If you plan on heavy usage or large jobs you might want to look elsewhere.

Four Stars

Hawk (would rather buy juice… srsly)

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