A Dilemma

The automated system at Sears just called, waking me up, to tell us the merchandise we’d ordered had arrived. Of course we haven’t ordered any merchandise from them. So I gave them a call. After getting shuffled around their phone system for a while I got to talk to someone in their pick-up department. Seems the grill we ‘ordered’ has come in. Funny that, since the grill we bought is sitting out on the patio. Read below for the fun I had with that evil piece of crap. I hung up and sat here for a while thinking. Is a free grill compensation for the dent that’s still in my forehead and all the pain and aggravation I went through last week? Sears still hasn’t responded to my complaint while Char-Broil called me the day after I emailed them to apologize profusely. I called them back to talk to a manager to see if he/she could explain this. In what appears to be typical for the average Sears employee the manager’s not bright enough to charge his cordless phone and I had to call back TWICE before he could transfer me over to a regular phone. He’s as clueless as you’d expect. “Well if you ordered it, it’s here. If you already have it the system may have a glitch in it. I don’t know what to tell you.”

So, do I take the risk and go get me a free grill? I could sell it or it would make a killer Christmas present for someone.

Decisions, decisions…



  1. Chilly

    Hmmmmm, quite the quandary. If it’s free, I’d grab the bad boy up and run. But if there’s going to be a charge showing up on the old Sears card, forget it. I detect that you & Sears have a very dysfunctional relationship. You don’t want to mess with those big corporate department stores. They probably have guerilla mercenaries on the payroll, just waiting to do stealth attacks on unsuspecting customers who take advantage of unexpected BBQ grill windfalls…

    On a whole other subject, here’s a link or two to my tattoo photos. (Just sharing nicely like mommy taught me.)

    That dragon tat is nice. 🙂

  2. hawk (Post author)

    I passed on the ‘free’ grill though if they call again to tell me it’s in its mine! Once is a mistake. Twice is a gift horse not to be ignored 🙂


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