Say What?!

On the 5th of the month I ordered several coupons from myCokeRewards. The immediately sent me an email saying: “Your Reward is on the way?.” But they didn’t really mean ON the way. Today, the 26th, three weeks after they said my coupons were ‘on the way?’ they sent me another email stating my “coupon has been shipped” also in that email it states “The estimated delivery date for your order is: 15 – 20 business days…”

FIFTEEN to TWENTY business days for something that has SHIPPED?! Does shipped mean something different on the Coke-a-Cola planet than it does on mine? Where in the world could something be put in the United States Postal Service and take THAT long to get to Florida, Western Mongolia? Did they staple my coupons to the back of a three legged tortoise? WTF?!

Hawk (having a WTF moment)

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