Drinking at the Movies

Drinking at the Movies
By: Julia Wertz

I picked this up and read a few pages… and I hated it. The artwork is pretty bad, noodle arms, blob bodies, all sorts of skewed perspective. The writing was whiny and angsty. I put the book down.

A while later I decided to give it another try. I’d only read a bit, maybe I didn’t give it a chance… and hours later I found I was still reading AND enjoying it. I saw people and situations I remember from my past (especially the alcohol fueled ones). I remembered late night discussions I’d had with friends. Stories about people who suddenly moved across the country on what seemed to be a whim. Horror stories about apartments in New York.

The artwork is still pretty bad. Arms are noodley, bodies are blobs. There’s a lot of angst in the dialog but for some reason I can’t explain it works and it works pretty well. All I can say is I don’t know how it happened but I’m a fan.

Four Stars.

Hawk (the drinking bits brought back serious… wait, I don’t remember)

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