One Week Kindleversary

I’ve had my Kindle for a week so here’s my thoughts on my first week of ownership…

The Doorbell rang and by the time I got there the UPS man was already turning the corner. The box on the doorstep looked SMALL “That can’t be my Kindle!” But it was. Even though Amazon has multiple pictures of the device on their site showing people using it, comparing it to the width of a standard pencil, etc. the first time you see it in real life it seems tiny!

If you’re interested the Kindle is slightly larger all around than a standard paperback book, say a bit more than 1/4 of an inch taller and wider. Four quarters stacked are just fall just shy of the thickness of the Kindle and yet it doesn’t feel like a toy. There’s a solid feeling to the Kindle and some heft. Mine, the 3G/WiFi model weighs 8.7 ounces. For comparison that’s about the same as my 382 page paperback copy of ‘Speaker for the Dead’.

The screen itself which measures 6 inches diagonally is just slightly smaller than the print area of the average paperback (give or take). The keyboard is tiny as is the 5-way controller. My fumble fingers have problems hitting the wrong buttons but it’s a learning process and I’m getting better with practice.

I opened the box, extracted the Kindle and the charging/USB cable. The only other thing in the box was a printed Quick Start Guide. I plugged it into the wall to charge as per the directions. Within moments it had made a 3G connection and had begun downloading the sixty or so books I’d pre-bought. After downloading all my books, which only took a few moments, it then rebooted itself and installed the latest software revision which Amazon had just recently released.

I allowed the Kindle to charge for five or so hours, unplugged it and began reading. The Kindle allows you the choice of three fonts, Standard (a Times New Romanish font), Condensed and Sans Serif as well as eight font sizes ranging from tiny to huge. You can also adjust the line spacing and words per line settings. If you’re (again) interested I’m using the fourth smallest font size in Sans Serif with medium line spacing and the default words per line setting.

The Kindle screen is a light, soft grey which is incredibly easy on the eyes and the text is insanely crisp, sharp and clear. Page turning takes a bit of getting used to. There is a ‘flash’ as the e-ink resets itself for the next page. Most people, myself included, don’t even see this after a short time of using the device.

I purchased two Nick Pollotta novels, ‘That Darn Squid God’ and ‘Damned Nation’ for $4.79 each (a savings of close to $30 over the printed price) as my first Kindle reads. I love this thing and I do apologize to everyone for gushing about it lately but I’m a reader and the Kindle is… rocking my socks off. I’ve also downloaded, from Amazon and others approximately a hundred free (and nearly free) novels ranging from ancient classics to near recent Science Fiction and Fantasy from Baen Books.

Reading is effortless, I prop the Kindle up on the TV remote. The gel buttons keep it from sliding around and set an almost perfect angle for reading in bed. I’ve got bad, arthritic (and carpel tunnel) ridden hands AND I hate breaking the backs of books so reading was always a struggle holding the book open, keeping it from flopping closed and losing my place, etc. I can read for hours without pain or discomfort now instead of minutes.

Getting books couldn’t be easier. Turn on the wireless connection (having it off when not needed saves battery power) and books really do arrive from Amazon, as advertized, in 60 seconds. Books from other sources around the web (and there’s plenty of free books out there!) are copied over using the USB cable and your computer. You can also charge the Kindle via the USB connection.

I need to get a cover or case to protect my Kindle, currently I’m storing it in the box it shipped in which is a bit awkward but other than that I am completely satisfied with my purchase. To steal a line from McDonalds “I’m lovin’ it!”

Hawk (Kindleaholic!)


  1. Jes

    I am now thinking about purchasing one for my birthday/Christmas gift to myself.


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