Say what now?

I purchased a cheap replacement nightlight for the bathroom this morning while grocery shopping. It’s just a Winn-Dixie store brand LED light with one of those photo sensors that turns it on and off when needed. It cost me $1.99.

They also had a two-pack of the same light, it was $4.99. A dollar more for the convenience of not having to pick up the same item twice? I don’t get it. It’s not like there’s more packaging or extra anything included. Two on a single cardboard hanger cost more than two on their own hangers . . . What a weird world we live in.

But it gets even better! On the back of the package under their ‘Lifetime Warranty’ it reads:

“If light ever burns out, please do not return to store. Send nightlight and $4.00 for shipping and handling to [Their Address] for a free replacement.”

So, for the price of two of their nightlights (purchased separately!) they’ll send me one for free! Moreover, I’ve got to pay to ship the broken one back to them.

The incredibly sad thing is that there ARE people out there so stupid they’ll fall for this.

Hawk (lighting the way . . . )

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