Stupidity Confirmed…

I wrote to the Meridian Electric Co. about their night light warranty and the ludicrous idea they expected twice the cost of the light to get a not-so-free warranty replacement. They wrote back claiming that it was “a misprint from a few years ago” and all I really had to do was send back a defective night light to get a free replacement. That being said it would probably now only cost me 80% of buying a new one to mail back a defective unit and wait for them to mail me a new one . . . While I stumble about in the dark damaging myself.

The nice gentleman who replied did however confirm that they had indeed “received a few of those returns with checks enclosed” but that the checks were “returned to the customer along with their replacement.”

So yes, people really ARE that stupid!

Hawk (the Apocalypse HAS to be on the way, any day now)

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