Dear Palm Bay…

I had some concerns over these new 64-gallon, 224 pound capacity recycling and waste containers we were just given/made/forced to use:

Did anyone from Waste Management or the town of Palm Bay actually test these containers out or even examine them before foisting them off on the public?

Were any disabled people or the elderly invited or involved in this testing? Did anyone have a senior citizen or disabled person wheel one of these ungainly things fully or partially loaded up and down a steep driveway? Did they ask anyone not in good physical condition to stand them up again after the Waste Management employees threw them off into the grass at the side of the yard? Was any quality examination made after the delivery people BOUNCED them off the end of the truck they were dropping (literally) them off from? Did anyone think to ask what these containers were going to smell like after sitting for six or seven days with food waste in them at the height of summer?

I ask because these new containers are ungainly and top heavy when empty or lightly loaded and incredibly heavy when filled to capacity. I witnessed my neighbor’s units being blown over in a stiff breeze the other afternoon spilling dozens of newspapers across his lawn. I ask because my 78-year old mother whose not the tallest in the crowd has trouble getting/holding the lid open while trying to drop a kitchen waste bag inside. I ask because even though I left the containers in the middle of my driveway the Waste Management employees were able to get them, on their sides, into the grass fifteen feet away from where they started. These containers are heavy and rather hard to upright. They don’t roll well in grass at all and I think the axle of our recycling container was slightly bent upon its rough delivery. They can also get rather heavy as large as they are. In addition I do worry what they’re going to smell like in the middle of July or August after having had to leave food waste in them for nearly a week with the new supposedly money saving once a week pick-up. I also wonder how much extra it cost to have the Palm Bay logo embossed on all these containers distributed to the residents…

Hawk (trash talking…)


  1. Jes

    That is just wrong. I know our tax dollars go to improvements like not fixing the Q bridge and so on but yet we are still the Construction State I mean Constitution State. You should call city hall and fight. You and your mom shouldn’t be lifting heavy things. The waste management should get a call also. But then again they will probably throw your newly designer waste tanks elsewhere and it can be more of a pain in the butt.

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    Yay! A comment!

  3. Chilly

    I had those same containers once. They are everything you say they are, and do stink to high heaven in the heat of summer. If the wind is blowing hard, the lid is impossible to control. If I were you I would take up your concerns with the trash company and ask for something you mom can handle more easily. Like the trash cans you had before they decided you needed a change!

  4. Hawk (Post author)

    Wish I could but it’s a county/town mandate now. Besides, we got rid of the old garbage cans I’m not buying more. They’ve equipped all the trucks to handle these cans and will refuse to pick up any that are not the designated receptacles. I’ve even got to make special arrangements to get rid of the old recycling bins we’ve got laying around.


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