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What is it with medicines these days? A few years ago Charles Lindbergh’s grandson (great grandson?) was shilling a few years ago for an arthritis medicine that listed death among their many common side effects. I’ve suffered chronic pain for years now. Most of it in the moderate to moderately severe range, sometimes less, sometimes worse but I really wonder at what point would I risk a decent chance of death to avoid pain.

Many current anti-depressants report that children, teens and young adults taking the medicine to treat their depression can become so depressed they suffer suicidal thoughts.

There’s an asthma drug on the market that clearly states in their TV commercials that it contains a drug that can increase your risk of asthma related death… a drug that can cause the condition you’re using it to treat to kill you! Does this make sense to anyone because it surely doesn’t make any to me…

Hawk (does my doctor get a commission for each pill I take?)


  1. Chilly

    Denis Leary just recently did some stand-up on this very subject. Comedy Central showed a watered-down version of the show, “Douchebags & Donuts.” He was so funny. You might find it on the website or on TV.


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