Within the sound… of Saturn?

Things make noise. Even things you wouldn’t expect. The planet Saturn is sitting out there in space making horror movie soundtrack sounds (and doing a damn good job of it) whilst it wends its way around the sun.

These sounds were first detected in 2002 buy the Cassini space probe. They have been modified; sped up so that twenty-seven minutes of output is played in just over a minute and pitched downward into the audible range by a factor of forty-four. But still, the crazy thing is sitting out there howling into space like some crazed B-Movie monster.

The WAV file is attached to this post for your listening convenience and you can visit the NASA informational site to read more about this bizarre occurrence. Link.

Not to be outdone, though really they are and by an order of magnitude of spooky, several other planets are also shouting into the void. Link.

Hawk (Howls into the void too…)


  1. Chilly


  2. Jes

    that is so cool though. I have the page bookmarked. I made the kids listen to it too.

  3. Trish

    Whoa. That’s amazing! I played it for Mike and he knew exactly what it was without my saying anything. Crazy.


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