Jaded Computer User..

How jaded modern technology has made us… erm, me, me! Not you!

I was downloading a file from the web today. It was approximately 111 megs. By the end of the three minutes it took to download I was drumming my fingers on the desk and impatiently tapping my foot waiting for the interminable time to be over.

I can remember when 100 megs was about the upper limit that I’d attempt to download at 56K. Mindspring had a twelve HOUR limit on connections and files any larger than that wouldn’t download in time.

I can remember 300 baud (something a good typists can out-type) and all you traded were small text files if that and nothing else.

Then I realized… that one file I impatiently waited three whole minutes for this morning was ten times LARGER than the first hard-drive I ever had!

Damn, I’m old in computer years…

Hawk (Old and decrepit in any ‘years’)


  1. Frosty

    Dude. I don’t remember any of that stuff – I didn’t own a computer until I was in college, and I didn’t have my own personal access to the Internet until three or four years AFTER I graduated from college – not because the technology wasn’t available, but simply because I’ve always resisted technology. And not that it made my life easier to drive to the library to use the Internet, I’m just stubborn is all. I didn’t even get a cell phone until after I graduated from college. But I digress.

    I totally hear you! Man, oh man, three minutes? I can’t stand that. I get SO frustrated when something takes more than thirty seconds to download. Drives me nuts. We are spoiled.


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