Ah, memories…

I miss my 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado terribly. It was perhaps the coolest car I’ve ever owned. Over four thousand pounds of Detroit steel with a 380 horse power, four hundreds and fifty five cubic inch engine sitting on top of the drive wheels… Yes, the Toronado line from Oldsmobile (introduced in 1966, the year of my birth) were all front wheel drive. Even riding on bias ply tires (look it up) my ‘Toro was better in snow than any two wheel drive vehicle I’ve ever owned. I once had to find a gas tank for it. I spent over a month calling nearly a hundred salvage yards across the country. Many of them just laughed at me, the bastards. Amazingly I found one in a salvage yard just an hour’s drive from where I lived. I drove the wonderment for a couple years until the brakes went and had it parked outside my apartment on a dead-end street while I saved up the cash to get it repaired. One day a drunk driver going for his second or third DUI hit one of my neighbors on the corner then decided to run from the scene. Getting to the end of our dead-end street and realizing he couldn’t escape that way he put his 1970’s era pickup truck in reverse and managed to back into my Toronado at, the police estimated, thirty or forty miles per hour. Destroyed the bumper, radiator, water pump and broke the transmission. And that was the end of my Toronado. {sniff}

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The above isn’t mine. I don’t have a single damn picture of it. I shot half a roll of pictures of it before it was hit but the film got lost when I moved to Florida. Mine was a metallic aqua with white vinyl top and black & white interior and the rare and very cool chrome wheel options.

All that being said I was at the gas station yesterday morning and I paid $4.01 per gallon for super unleaded (my Ford Probe knocks and pings on anything less than super) and I missed my Toronado a little less. We did the math one day and came to the conclusion that the ‘Toro was averaging about EIGHT (8) MPG! I couldn’t afford to drive it these days. Hell, it cost me $29 to fill the tank on my Probe yesterday and it was only down to a quarter tank.

Hawk (practicality SUCKS!)


  1. Frosty

    1.) That is a super sweet ride.

    2.) Super unleaded in the valley averages around $4.30 p/g.

    3.) Our gas situation sucks balls. Let’s all switch to biodiesel!

  2. Tom Schlueter-White

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