Gotta Love Kindle Support…

I’ve heard stories from many people about how good and helpful Amazon’s Kindle Customer Support can be but the first time I called them about an accessory case I bought I was somewhat disappointed. That person I spoke to was not in the United States. Taking the advice of several people who’ve posted on the Kindle Forums I called in the evening US time and reached someone in the States. When something appeared to be loose and rattling around inside my Kindle after nearly eight months of constant use and some 137 books read I knew it was time to get it replaced before whatever was loose in there (my guess is the spring that holds one of the page turn buttons up) shorted the whole thing out.

I went to the Amazon site. Logged in and navigated to the Kindle Support section. I then clicked the Contact Us button, selected a few options as to why I needed to contact them, clicked the Call Us button entered my Phone number and finally clicked the Call Me Now button.

Two seconds later my phone rang.
When I answered there was a recording playing that said; “this call may be recorded for tra…” and the Kindle rep was on the line.
It took me perhaps a minute to explain something was loose inside the Kindle.
It took him about another minute to verify who I was, my address and arrange for next day shipping of a replacement.
When I told him I didn’t have a printer to print the return shipping label he said he’d send it to me as well but then went one step further and arranged for UPS to bring the return label to me and pick up the package at my house!

I don’t think I was on the phone more than five minutes. I’ll have my replacement on Tuesday. No muss, no fuss, no arguments or accusations of misuse. I said there was something wrong and bang-zoom there’s a replacement on the way.

Gotta love it. But I am a little sad. This Kindle, my first Kindle, is my baby. The replacement is, sadly, going to be someone else’s refurbished baby. Ah well.

Hawk (Kindle fanatic)


  1. Frosty

    It’s SO GOOD to hear a positive customer service story!


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