How Cops Think.

Watching the news tonight and saw this story reported…

During a routine traffic stop the officer(s) decided to bring in the drug sniffing dog. It’s happened to me, I’ve long hair and tattoos so I guess I must be a drug dealer. The dog signals on the car and it and the two latino occupants are searched. NOTHING is found. Not a seed. Not an empty baggie. Nothing. So instead of chalking it up to a false hit by the dog or just a case of one of the gentlemen having been in the proximity of someone who happened to smoke a joint the cops somehow obtain a search warrant for the drivers residence… Wait, what? Based on a dog’s bark and NOTHING else (unless the reporters missed something or details were left out by the cops) a judge has issued a warrant to search a private residence? How the hell did that happen? Zero physical evidence will get you a warrant these days?

Now, granted, they did find a large marijuana growing operation at the home listed on the driver’s license but that’s not the point. You’re supposed to have damn good evidence of a crime before invading the sanctity of someone’s home. This was not the case. At least not as it was reported. Something’s fishy in Denmark, kids. 



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