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Standing up and NOT letting corporate America take advantage of you. Speak up. Complain. Let that company know you’re unhappy with their product or service. That’s The Power of the Bitch. Did you find an empty can in that case of soda or beer or find one covered in grease or a seriously damaged can? Save the can, write that company an email. Chances are they’ll make good on it by offering to replace the case. Have you bought premium paper towels that are sold as ‘cloth like’ but aren’t? Don’t just shrug it off, complain. Don’t throw your money away because it seems like too much work or doesn’t seem right. These problems aren’t going to get fixed if no one complains. Cold fries from that fast food place? Was the cashier at the grocery store snotty and condescending? SPEAK UP! Be heard! Demand value for your money and time.

Our latest experience… Quite a few years ago my regional bank was bought out by a large national bank. No real big deal. Not much really changed. Then a few years back a local merchant refused to accept my check because the bank name on it no longer existed. Luckily I had enough cash to cover the transaction.
I don’t write a lot of checks. I’m only on the second packet of checks from when I opened the account! But I called the bank and inquired about getting new checks printed. $20+ plus shipping they wanted. A new cover, another $17 plus shipping. I decided I didn’t write enough checks to justify the cost and forgot about it.
Just recently I found a new pharmacy with fantastic prices. They’re saving me $40 – $50 a month on my medications AND they deliver free of charge. Their payment options, cash, check or put a credit card on file. I don’t like keeping a CC on file anywhere so I opted to pay by check every month. The delivery guy arrived and didn’t want to take the check. “That bank doesn’t exist.” he said, “That phone number is incorrect.” he claimed. He was right on both. The checks are so old they still have our old area code on them!
I decided to contact the bank and explain my situation. I felt that when they bought my bank I should have been provided, at their cost, checks with their bank name on them. I didn’t sell the bank. I wasn’t consulted on the issues. It’s not my fault I’m stuck with over a hundred checks for a bank that doesn’t exist. I’m just stuck with checks no one wants to take. I checked the bank’s web site. Still $20+ for checks. I chat with a customer service representative. After running around in circles for fifteen minutes he tells me that he can’t do anything for me and I need to call some 800 number. Why he couldn’t have just told me that in the first place I do not know.
So I call the 800 number and run face first into one of the worst automated systems ever. It took me ten minutes to get to speak to a human being and I got the same run around. This time I was told I could close my current checking account open a new checking account and because of the accounts I currently have with them I would be entitled to free check but I can’t get a box of free checks for the existing account. What? The customer service agent couldn’t explain it either. I argued with her and finally gave up.
Next I sent an email to the corporate HQ of the bank detailing my experience and once again stating that because they caused my bank to cease to exists I shouldn’t have to pay for it. I must admit they did reply promptly. In less than 24 hours I was told the same thing; close the account, open a new account and get free checks. No free checks for the existing account. I wrote back saying it was ridiculous. It would cost them more to do that than issue a credit so I could get checks with the correct bank name and area code. I only need one box. I’ll probably die with half left unused!
The next day I got another email, apparently they found a loophole (finally!). Free checks. Free checkbook cover. Free shipping. Win!

Hawk (TPotB King)


  1. Frosty

    You’re right. All too often we shrug it off and try to forget about it, but it only hurts us in the end. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    It really starts to add up after a while. I did the math one time and I realized I was throwing away a couple hundred bucks a year on things that didn’t live up to the hype or my expectations and I got sick of wasting my money. So I bitched… and it got results and still does.


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