No Fan of Dyson…

Dyson, the company that produces ludicrously expensive vacuum cleaners for the gullible is also now selling ‘bladeless’ fans which they call Air Multipliers. Their selling point is that “Normal fans create unsettling buffeting…” I on the other hand feel Dyson fans create unsettling pricing. Their 12″ table top ‘fan’ sells for $299.99. THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS for a fan! Their pedestal and tower models are even more expensive, selling for $449.00 each.

What can you get for your $300 if you’re not into throwing your money away on fads? SIX (6) 12″ table-top fans, FOUR (4) 16″ table-top fans and THREE (3) 16″ pedestal fans PLUS you’ll have enough left over for a cheeseburger and iced tea at McDonalds.

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Now, personally, I have an opinion on which expenditure will keep you cooler and which is a better buy but you’re free to fall for whatever fad takes your fancy although… you could just send the money to me, I’ll be practical with it. I promise.

Hawk (cool breeze…)


  1. Frosty

    Ugh. I fell for a Dyson vacuum cleaner five years ago and after three years it died. $500 for a vacuum cleaner that was useless after three years. Now, they did replace the engine for us, for free, which was awesome. But then pieces of it started breaking off, and valves and levers stopped working, and long story short: I will never buy Dyson anything ever again. The end.


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